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Danish agreement as a public agreement (further behind the text - Agreement) in the rozumіnі art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. All terms and definitions in this Agreement are distinguished by their significance and meaning, which are assigned to the Uhodі koristuvach.
All services for this Agreement are given by Koristuvachev Site Administration.

  1. Subject of the contract
For this Agreement, the Administration of the site is given Koristuvachevi Paid services (hereinafter referred to as Services). com/.

2. The transition is listened to the same vart. Comain for the izhitivativist site without Uzgogenzni with Koristuvach. Koristuvach, I will be plastic, in the Vani Buli Paid, it is inconsistent with the rank of admi-constituent to the site after their payment.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties
Koristuvach may have the right to choose whether or not Paid services are quiet, if they have been promoted by the Site Administration. varity after payment. Coristuvach goitre zdіysniti payment for the service paid services hourly and in full obsyazі. Coristuvach goiter signing the Act of service for a period of 10 (ten) working days from the date of yogo molding in the system Hourly. For help KEP. The site administration has the right to its own investigation to establish a translation of the Paid services, wash them and the variety of such services. The administration of the site of the goiter is to ensure the possibility of paying for the services of Koristuvach.

4. Variety of services and payment
The number of services is determined by the Site Administration at the request of Pay: 100% prepayment by bank card through the integrated payment system, or on the card, for 5 (five) banking days from the moment of the vindication. By the way, as Koristuvach zdіysniv payment for the rent in terms of a larger, lower, it was transferred to clause 3.2. Given the Agreement, the Administration of the site, at its discretion, may either accept the prepayment and proceed to the payment of services, or act on the service and return the amount of the prepayment to Koristuvachev. ), signed by the Parties for a period of 10 (ten) working days from the moment of filing the Service for the amount of the withdrawn payment. In case of bad luck with the Act of Koristuvach goiter, send the Administration to the site motivated by the court order. .Capital mind about the return and non-return of expenses in case of non-delivery of services are regulated by this Agreement.
Penny coins are turned to Koristuvach's account in the Special Cabinet of the account for non-payment of paid services in the upcoming depressions:
• In case of slandering during moderation; In case of failure of the Administration to serve due to technical reasons; The decision about the return is accepted by the Administration.
• Penny coins are not returned to Koristuvachev for non-delivery of paid services in the upcoming depressions:
• When placing a slander about fenced goods, services, propositions, as well as destroying the Pleasure (div. p. 4. 8 Please the koristuvach); seen by Koristuvachem stunned.
• In case of systematic (two and more times) violations of the minds of this Agreement, please, the Administration has the right not to turn the tables.

5. Ukladannya, term dії, change that attached to the contract
Deniyir є laying (acceptance) for the moment of the brothel, the core of the mind with the TSO TO TALL TO UNDER Viconny, by the parties of his Zobovi'Sani. and t.i. minds of the Offer Agreement on the provision of services. The site administration has the right to unilaterally change the mind of this Agreement. Varity and mind paid for by Koristuvachem Services are not changed.
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