Privacy Policy
The Maltor team is concerned about the security of the data of its customers. To that end, we have created this Privacy Policy, so that you do not worry about those who deal with your personal data, as you have given us for registration.

By submitting an application on the website, you give Maltor permission to process all entries for registration of data subject to due service for the sale, as transferred by the Public Offer. implemented by ICANN.

By submitting an application on the website, you also confirm that you are aware of the transfer of your rights as a data subject under Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On the protection of personal data”. This copy is available for request:

1.1. Under the hour of registration on the site, we ask you to provide the necessary special information in the obligation, which is necessary for the assignment of services. We retain for ourselves the right of vimagati to give additional special information as needed.
1.2. Cookies - When you visit our site, we will place one or more cookies on your computer or other device. Cookies are set in order to promote the quality of services that we hope: save the quality of the service.
1.3. Information about the withdrawal — when accessing the site, our servers automatically record the same information. Server logs can collect information such as web request, IP address, browser type and mov, date and hour of request.
1.4. Sales of services on partner sites - such services, as we proponed, are related to other sites. Special information you give to such sites may be given to us for our services. We process this kind of information subject to the terms of the privacy policy.
1.5. Maltor can process specific information on servers in Ukraine and other countries. In some areas, special information of the koristuvach is collected beyond the borders of the krai koristuvach.

2.1. We give access to your special information to other persons only for such furnishing:
2.1.1. We have є on tse your allowed. For the transfer of any confidential information, we need your explicit permission.
2.1.2. We have enough information to show you that access, vindication, savings, or disclosure of such information is necessary for: pre-trial legislation of Ukraine, including the provision of information on both physical and legal systems, regulations, organization, whether it be forms of authority or sovereign bodies, as to have the right to withdraw such information from the legislation of Ukraine; Investigation of potential damage to the Public Offer, which transfers information about you to the necessary order of registration of a lawyer's request for information about damage; revealing that zapobіgannya Shakhrai dyam, as well as the development of security problems and the elimination of technical malfunctions; defence, without intermediary threat to the rights, mine or security of the Maltor company, її koristuvachіv аbo bulkiness, within the framework of the legislation of Ukraine.

3.1. We live all the necessary entries for the protection of data from unauthorized access, change, open or reduce. Prior to these visits, it is necessary to know, secrets, internal rewriting of the collection processes, collecting and processing data and accessing security, including additional encryption and access to secure the physical security of data to protect unauthorized access.

4.1. We are working all kinds of us to give you access to your special data and either correct them, as if they stink wrong, or see them behind your request, so that only the savings are not subject to the law, or are not implied by legitimate business purposes. Before making a drink, we ask you to confirm your personality and information, as you want to remove the stench, correct it or see it.

5.1. This privacy policy may change from time to time. Changes to the privacy policy will be published on this side.
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