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"Risk for Reward" is our key focus

“Risk with 1 to gain 10” is our the best performance formula

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Advantages of using right Forex Robots

Bots never get tired

Bots work 100% of the time, from Monday till Friday, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Human error risk-free

Irrational decisions, lack of focus, not following own rules, execution errors and etc. 95% of traders lose their money because of those mistakes.

Robot can be optimized

Most of the best Forex Bots have various parameters, modes and settings, that give trader flexibility and unlimited optimization opportunities.

Best solution for Forex-beginners

Most of the Forex-beginners usually need more than 12-24+ months to get enough knowledge, persistence, and self-discipline to finally start making more or less consistent profit. Using right Forex Bots from the beginning will save a lot of money and time.

Bots are more efficient and profitable

A regular trader can handle about 10-20 trades and couple different strategies simultaneously. Bots can control and manage your money with more than 1 million trades using thousands of different approaches. Such pure math might increase your profits from average monthly 2-5% ROI to monthly 20-50% ROI and more.

Bots never miss an opportunity

Every day traders miss thousands of profitable trades because they cannot monitor Forex all the time. Even when they do, they think to enter or not (due to the lack of confidence), fix current profit or wait for more (because of greed), etc. Bots never act this way. Robot sees the opportunity (signal) and seizes it!

Truly powerful environment,
and we just started.


experienced programmers


new robots are evaluated daily


third party EAs backtested, optimized and forward tested


own Forex Trading Robots developed
To help retail traders and investors build consistently profitable portfolios
by sharing knowledge and expertise.