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Ugly truth

Time ago we bought some high ranked EA’s from marketplace to use for own purpose. Days/weeks/months later all robots made losses, no profits at all.


So how to choose the right one if top rated aren’t so profitable?

How to find optimized, best performing set files for all currency pairs, if author doesn’t put any effort to create and share those?

How to find out if particular EA is a scam robot with manipulated historical data for backtests, or it`s pure algorithm with profitable system inside?

God, we just need to find out answers on all of questions we have and build consistently stable and profitable algo trading portfolio with no scam robots, lies, fake reviews and other marketing tricks! Where is the knowledge base? We didn’t find and decided to create the one.



We started to backtest, evaluate, optimize and forward test on live accounts all of them.

Yes, more than 4000+ forex robots. We use most precise backtesting methods what 99,95-100,00% are the same we see on our live real accounts in forward testing process.

Powerful technical equipment (our own data center) and specialized own and third party software allows us to backtests 50-100 new EA every single day.



And now we decided to share this knowledge base with you!

Let`s all together see the truth and honestly admit: 90% forex robots are consistently losing money, scam and only were made to collect money from sales. We are against such business models, we are for ugly truth!

You are welcome to enter our knowledge base, check our evaluation before make any forex robot purchase, for symbolic price buy best performing optimized set files for right forex robots and much more!


Our data centre performance stats:
New EAs backtests past 24h: 0, past week: 0, past month: 0, all time: 0


  • Use Search  filter to find forex robot by name (all names are the same like in mql5 marketplace)
  • On top are most interesting EA’s with higher Risk/Reward ratio (why R/R ratio is so important? Read in our blog)

PatternatorCCIEA author's description

Maltor's review


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 2744
Max.Drawdown: 937.49
Profit: 15250.49
P/D Rate: 16.27

Defaults set parameters by author


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 2623
Max.Drawdown: 563.22
Profit: 14510.56
P/D Rate: 25.77

Defaults set parameters by author


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 2145
Max.Drawdown: 546.1
Profit: 12888.82
P/D Rate: 23.61

Defaults set parameters by author


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 2252
Max.Drawdown: 418
Profit: 10065.62
P/D Rate: 24.09

Defaults set parameters by author


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 811
Max.Drawdown: 485.47
Profit: 4053.42
P/D Rate: 8.35

Defaults set parameters by author

Did you know that EA’s authors can implement special elements into their robots and it will show consistent growth in backtests, but fail in the live trading? There are scam robots out there, and a lot of them!

Scam robots

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