Maltor’s history

We started Forex back in 2005, learning everything from charts and one single book that was available during those days. Months of no sleep and self-education led to the first trading experiences on the live account. And guess what?

We have managed to achieve the 45-50% monthly ROI. Of course, making such profits each month was pretty awesome, until a year later our account was burned out.

Once again, through trial and errors, we came back to the stable monthly profits (over 30-40% in ROI). Until the next big collapse… And back to the starting everything from scratch.

This is a story not only about us. That is the story of every single trader or investor out there, who has ever started (or is willing to start) trading on financial markets. The best emotions when you are with trend and make high amount of profit, yet the worst devastation and regret when it breaks due to one missed opportunity. Glory, when you get 150-200 pips in a few seconds using simple strategy with Sell/Buy-Stop-orders, and disappointment when market has no movements due to Unemployment rate or Non-farm Payrolls (“God, I’ve waited for this day to earn 10 grand in a couple of minutes and go on vacation with my family” you say…). If you have traded,  you can remember every single one of those tough moments.

We went through all those nightmares with fears, struggles, losses, fights with the families, friends and ourselves to develop stable,bulletproof earning system, to beat the stereotypical investment benchmarks, and, of course, to build something truly awesome and unique.  

Our moto

“0,01-2% from bank deposit or 5-10% yearly from real estate investments? Come on, my family deserves much more than just that!”

Long story short, finally we came to Algo Trading, AI (Artificial Intelligence), BD (Big Data) and ML (Machine Learning), and reason is so obvious: machines can trade much more efficiently and profitably than any human trader does. We combine all our experience with Machines (Robots, Bots, Expert Advisors and etc) to go forward every day and have more stable and highly profitable performance rate.

All what we do and offerare the solutions for key problems in the sector!

Our own developed robots (Expert Advisors) for MT4

Each robot was developing for months and some of them even years. All algorithms are based on many years proven manual trading strategies. Just some time ago we began to feel tired to wait for particular signals and press the buttons by our hands and decided to teach robots to do the same. No fakes, no hidden code lines with security threats or any other harmful elements; only proven and pure long term profitable algorithmic robots. Visit our store and buy!

Additional solutions to protect your developed EA’s

By individual request we are able to offer advanced solutions for EA developers to make their robots more protected from being decompiled, cracked and used without author’s authorization. Send us request and we will find the best solution for you!


The most precise backtests and fast optimization with best software and maximum accuracy (99,99%) using our powerful data center

Most of traders who already use or just started to use robots have poor knowledge and understanding about how complicated it is to do correct backtesting process (we have spent more than a year to find the most correct and precise models); also to do backtests and optimization you need to use powerful servers (otherwise, you will wait for necessary data for months) and it costs a lot. That’s why we help traders by sharing our big, fast and powerful data center to do correct backtests and optimizations for you. Request the service and get desired data in just a few days. marketplace EAs backtests, optimization, forward tests and expert evaluation

Marketplace of MetaQuotes Software contains thousands and thousands of robots, and their numbers increase everyday. EA developers publish for sale their masterpieces and earn on robots sales, but do those EAs really perform well? Which robot better to buy or rent; top ranked or there should be other criteria?

We did backtests of all of them to find those which are not losing. Optimized those to select ones that will earn. Forward tested on our live accounts to keep using those that brings stable profits. Unfortunately it was a huge surprise even for us: from 4000+ bots only 1% is worth to rent or buy. And we share all this experience with you with all the details: information about the worst performing robots in the list will help you save money and time; well performing Expert Advisors with our optimized set files will give you an opportunity to use already proven trading systems with lower risk and higher earnings.

Visit our rating with our research results, find the best ones and don’t ever buy or rent EA without prior professional Maltor’s evaluation.


moving forwardto cover more needs

  • Marketplace for developers where you can sell your robots with no risk to disclosure your original code (service will be available soon)
  • Expert Advisor development, coding and optimization by request (service will be available soon)
  • Trading signals (service will be available soon)
  • Expert Community: “Knowledge database: All about Forex and algo trading” (service will be available soon)

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Did you know that EA’s authors can implement special elements into their robots and it will show consistent growth in backtests, but fail in the live trading? There are scam robots out there, and a lot of them!

Scam robots