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Probot_Maltor is 100% an Automated Forex Robot which does all the trading for you. The unique intelligent algorithm checks every millisecond for best conditions to enter the market and take profits as soon as possible to avoid long-term risk trading. Perform with stable results on different market conditions as high impact news, trends and flats.

Applicable for most currency pairs and time frames.

Safety triggers implemented inside the Probot_Maltor allows automatically identify moments of market’s sudden movements and freeze the system to proceed trading when tremendous volatility stays behind automatically.

Statistics & numbers for 2016-2018

  • Monthly income, %
  • Yearly income, %
  • Max. unrealized loss, %
  • Last 30 days income, %


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 1418
Max.Drawdown: 1318.31
Profit: 3919.25
P/D Rate: 2.98


  • Period: M5
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 1285
Max.Drawdown: 511.51
Profit: 2978.6
P/D Rate: 5.83


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 894
Max.Drawdown: 1099.02
Profit: 2871.54
P/D Rate: 2.62


  • Period: M15
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 820
Max.Drawdown: 440.96
Profit: 2627.07
P/D Rate: 5.96


  • Period: H1
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 805
Max.Drawdown: 692.64
Profit: 2414.2
P/D Rate: 3.49


  • Period: M30
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 819
Max.Drawdown: 350.36
Profit: 2177.7
P/D Rate: 6.22


  • Period: H1
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 681
Max.Drawdown: 444.11
Profit: 1985.32
P/D Rate: 4.48


  • Period: H1
Deposite: 10000
Trades: 686
Max.Drawdown: 452.35
Profit: 1792.1
P/D Rate: 3.97

*backtested results with 99,99% accuracy and analyzed with Quant Analyzer 4

Features & Advantages

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we challenge the stereotypes for higher achievements. That’s why Probot_Maltor:


  • Trades every day with no need to wait on results for months
  • Can perform with up to 15-20% monthly return depends on settings and portfolio of currency pairs
  • Unexpected huge market movement detector & freeze system trigger
  • Unique short, medium and long-term trends identification system
  • Suitable for any type of trading accounts

Benefits, additions and FAQ

  • Never miss a chance to earn in any good opportunity: Probot trades frequently and likes to stay with open trading positions most of the time. Such way of trading leads to everyday balance positive growth
  • Automative system with options to multiply volumes and profits on strong up or down trends. Trend is your friend, why not to use it
  • More than 80% of trades are opened on extreme highs (for sell trades) and lows (for buy trades)
  • Don’t put all eggs in one basket: diversify. Probot allows you to diversify your portfolio equity and lower risk by using multiply settings and currency pairs
  • No need to learn complex strategies: all algorithmes and trading rules are coded into Probot
  • Non stop trading: Probot monitors the market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Forget about manual trading and forex chart monitoring: for most traders it takes years of trial and errors to start receive stable earnings. Probot is years of our experience, hard work and live trading testing what finally rolled into an 100% automated forex software. Install, launch and you done
  • Probot is developed for using on MT4 platform which is most used by forex traders worldwide
  • I never used forex robots before. How can I start? Order Probot in our store and you will receive necessary system files and detailed instructions how to set it up on your trading account. Installation usually takes less than five minutes.
  • Do I need experience to use Probot? Not at all. We developed Probot to handle every aspect of trading with minimum human resource involvement.
  • Can I use it alongside with other forex robots? Yes, of course. Only make sure to set different magic numbers and properly calculate margin level.
  • Can I leave it running while I’m away? Yes, absolutely. Probot were developed to run fully unattended. Go and do whatever you need, Probot does the trading for you.

Forward test performance

October 20th – December 7th , 2018

*forward test on live account with Pro Pack

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